Looking to get the best real estate website builder to kick-start your online presence (as an agent or a team) and sell more properties?

I know probably searching on Google for “website builders for the best real estate website design” isn’t yielding the results you expect. You’re most likely getting recommendations for only general-purpose website builders without crucial real estate features like:

  • Robust Selling, Lead Generation & Capture as well as Marketing Automation features;
  • IDX search integration;
  • Real estate specific CRM software (Customer Relationship Manager);
  • Explicitly made real estate website templates, i.e., eye-catching and mobile-optimized designs.

We’ve prioritized the above and more helpful features like proper SEO, blogging tools, as well as 3rd party apps & integrations support for our list of the top 7 real estate website builders.

Home and property buyers don’t just wake up and make a purchase. 44% of them first search and methodically browse listings on websites (the internet) first.

It goes without saying; to:

  • Showcase listings and capture leads
  • Keep in touch with prospective buyers
  • Build brand authority with ease and beat other agents
  • Sell more properties

You’ve got to have a fully-fledged real estate website.

Real estate website builders can cost you a lot to use, especially those with robust real estate selling and marketing tools.

That’s why we’ve also added budget-friendly builders with the majority of the required tools to help out individual agents looking for cheap, simple to use, and highly functional builders.

Don’t have all the time and wondering what we have in store?

Below is a summary followed by a table of contents for easier navigation.


Ready to take a more in-depth look at each builder? Let’s get started.

#1 Wix

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Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



Budget-friendly builder Super easy to use Includes lead generation tools and a built-in CRM Has an App center for integrations Creates website you can add IDX integration 14 real estate website templates (500+ in total) High level of customization freedom A free domain name for 1 year No setup fees Unlimited bandwidth for paid plans Has an ADI builder Booking management tools


Minimal real-estate specific tools Switching templates mid-way not supported Minimal storage for plans Challenging to add IDX listings

Wix Real Estate Features

Wix Website Builder Homepage
Wix’s Homepage

Wix is the best real estate website builder for sole agents who want a cheap and effortless platform. Most of the features for real estate are basic and you have to use workarounds for others to function properly.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

Getting prospective clients with Wix is simplified with lead capture tools like:

  • Contact forms,
  • Optional signup forms for notifications,
  • Wix Chat Box add-on. It helps you communicate, answer questions, and get contact information. Additionally, you can set up an information-gathering bot.

More tools include:

Advanced Booking tool & Calendar – for managing bookings and scheduling showings.

Wix Ascend (add-on) – a customer management software suite for lead capture, site promotion, and marketing.

Marketing Automation – you get automated emails tools to send reminders (for upcoming property showings) and follow-up emails.

IDX Integration

By default, Wix lacks out of the box IDX integration. Luckily, it supports the use of IDX technology though it’s challenging to make your website IDX ready.

You’ve got two options;

First off, you can install an IDX widget.

The second is using an iframe to show IDX listings.


Note the iframe method is terrible for mobile experience (and your lead capture efforts) as listings open on another tab when clicked. Also, it’s hard for Google search algorithms to index your listings.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Wix has a simple backend CRM to help agents track acquired leads and take them through the sales pipeline.

The main downside?

You can’t connect it to your DIY integrated IDX website since it’s not specifically designed for real estate.

But there’s a workaround,

If you link a 3rd party CRM to the website, you can use Zapier to connect to your website’s lead capture tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website’s sitemap gets generated and submitted to search engines automatically for easier scanning. Wix websites use structured data for all of your pages which gives Google more details about each page’s content.

For self SEO tweaks, you can the Wix SEO Wiz to:

  • Edit meta titles and descriptions
  • Add ALT text to property images
  • Add Google AMP pages and use 301 redirects for domains
  • Customize URLs and Create canonical URLs

All the above tweaks boost your website’s Google rankings.

Blogging Tools

You’re allowed to add a blog and to use the Wix builder to ensure it looks polished and attractive. All blogging basics are covered, e.g., categories, tags, post scheduling and featuring related posts.

Social media integration enables painless post sharing and you gain more followers in the process.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

Another thing that makes Wix is a winner you can add real estate widgets and integrations (free and paid) from 3rd parties easily. Real estate integrations include:

  • Google Maps,
  • Zapier,
  • Simple Real Estate App.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with support via

  • Phone support weekdays during business hours
  • Email tickets

High-end plans get priority response and VIP support perks. Alternatively, you can also check out Wix’s Knowledge Base and Peer-to-peer forum for self-help materials.

Wix Real Estate Website Templates

There are over 500 templates, but only 14 are categorized as real estate website templates.

You think that’s not enough? It actually is enough. Most of the best real estate builders have less than 10.

If you’re not nitpicking, 40 of them can fit property websites use cases. All templates offered by Wix:

  • look modern, sleek, and attractive.
  • reserve a space for your logo on the top left.
  • are mobile-responsive and have been made SEO-friendly.

You get lots of real estate website design freedom where you can perform advanced customizations such as:

  • Using the drag and drop builder to place elements anywhere;
  • Resizing elements;
  • Changing colors, fonts (100+), layouts, alignment, uploading & editing images, and beyond.

Ease of Use

Wix doesn’t require much effort or technical knowledge to use; any beginner can understand how everything works quickly.

Interfaces are very intuitive, and the Wix drag and drop editor makes everything fun and painless.

If you’re short on time, you can use the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) builder which automatically creates your website for you.

The only cons we found:

  • Wix lacks site-wide settings for easier styling changes,
  • The many tools for editing can be confusing for absolute beginners.

Wix Pricing (Plans)

Wix has 8 plans; for a real estate website, go with those meant for business and eCommerce.

Wix Pricing (Plans)
Wix’s Paid Plans

Want to know more about Wix? Read our in-depth Wix Review.

#2 Placester

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Real Estate Website Builder
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Partner of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Offers free basic builder for NAR members Affordable and fully-equipped with realtor tools Offers data migration services Decent website lead capture, magnets, and lead generation tools Has a CRM system Mobile app (add-on) Lots of 3rd party integrations Specific real estate templates (mobile-optimized) available Website have IDX search integration Offers pre-populated content library for automated blogging


Very few templates No website-only plan Has setup fees Limited customization and flexibility No option for unlimited pages for your website

Placester Real Estate Features

Placester Real Estate Website Builder Homepage
Placester Real Estate Website Builder Homepage

Placester offers great value, they give you a wide array of selling and lead capture and generation features that competing real estate builders charge you 1000 dollars to use.

We break them down below.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

Lead Capture tools:

  • Site-Wide Pop-Ups
  • Lead Capture Contact Forms
  • Landing pages for specific property listings

What are Lead Capture tools?

They are website features you can use to save prospective client details in a CRM to market properties to them and convert them to buyers.

For lead generation, you can add:

  • Buttons for visitors to click for more information on listings;
  • Sign-Up Unlocks – you can set some content to be accessible only by signing up.

What are Lead generation tools?

These are tools to help you initiate consumer interest in the process of converting prospects to buyers.

More tools include:

Lead Magnets. These are free website tools, items, or services that attract prospects and provide excellent value helping you to get their contact details. With Placester, you can use lead magnets like customer testimonials.

Tour Booking tools which help you to follow up with leads off your website.

Open House Pro Premium app ($25/month). For showcasing your listings on the go. Besides, you can use it as a digital sign-in for open house attendees to get their details.

For your marketing needs, you get automated email newsletters.

IDX Integration

What is IDX?

Internet Data Display (IDX) is a real estate website integration that links your website to your local multiple listing service (MLS), helping visitors search for properties from a more comprehensive database.

All websites created using Placester are IDX-ready. Premium templates come with a search bar on your website’s Homepage for easy searching.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Placester has a decent CRM system; it pairs elegantly with your IDX website. This ensures all leads captured gets automatically filled into contact profiles.

You can further use the CRM for:

  • Checking leads numbers;
  • Customer Activity and Interaction Monitoring (lead tracking)their property search criteria, properties viewed, posts read on your blog, and more;
  • Importing leads from Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and more;
  • Marketing automation with the right messages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For your property listings to get easily found on Google and beat out platforms like Zillow, you need proper on-site SEO.

Placester is not the best in this department. You can only edit meta descriptions and page titles.

Blogging Tools

A blog acts as a traffic magnet for your real estate website. With Placester, creating a blog is easy as templates include an intuitive blog page out of the box.

Placester also provides you with:

  • Tutorials for creating SEO friendly blog content.
  • A Premium Content Library Service. You pay $50 for two articles/month.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

You can add 3rd party plug-ins like:

  • Wise Agent
  • Intercom
  • LionDesk
  • Trello
  • Constant Contact
  • Gmail & Google Sheets
  • Mailchimp
  • …and more

Placester’s development team even helps you build custom plug-ins for a fee.

Customer Support

Direct support is offered by friendly and knowledgeable staff via

  • Live chat (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays)
  • Phone (US-based)
  • Website and email tickets

Besides, there’s a Knowledge Base with a considerable library of DIY-help resources.

Placester Real Estate Website Templates

You only get 6 real estate website templates; 2 free while 4 (premium) are only accessible with Agent Pro and Broker Pro plans.

All Placester templates:

  • are fully responsive;
  • span different styles of real estate websites;
  • allow using full-width background images and video backgrounds.

Editing flexibility is highly limited; you can only change colors and fonts (limited options). However, you get a HTML editor for code changes and additions.

Ease of Use

Most beginners won’t have a hard time using Placester; everything is simple (user-friendly interfaces), with the only inconvenience being a bit hidden customization features. Adding a blog or new listing is a cinch with simple 1-click buttons.

Placester Pricing (Plans)

Considering the features set you get, Placester plans are competitively priced vs. similar tools.

There is a setup fee (at least $99) for non-NAR members. If you’re a NAR member, you get a handsome 20% discount for the Agent Core plan. If you pay annually at a go, the setup fees are waived.

Pro Tip

NAR members get a free version of the Placester builder, but you get charged for IDX integration.

Placester Pricing (Plans)
Placester Pricing (Plans)

#3 Propertybase

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Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



A best-in-class CRM Exceptional landing pages Top lead capture, generation, and scoring tools Creates IDX ready websites App store with 3rd party integrations Attractive real estate website templates library Plans include Salesforce software suite with lots of real estate features Advanced customization possible


Hefty price points for plans Customer support is slow Few real estate website templates Not ideal for a single real estate agent Requires prior website building experience to use No website-only plan

Propertybase Real Estate Features

Propertybase Homepage
Propertybase Website Builder Homepage

Propertybase is the best real estate website builder for a team of agents (over 3) looking for an advanced all in one building platform to build a website with IDX integration, and access automated marketing features.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

The array of features you get in this department is amazing:

  • Property Management via built-in listing manager – for adding Listings and details like location managing and promoting property listings.
  • Lead Capture – you can use Contact Forms, Landing Pages (BoldLeads), and Popups that get triggered by a visitor’s time on your website.
  • Import leads – for adding leads from multiple sources, e.g., Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, and via CSV/google imports.
  • Marketing Automation – you can schedule bulk mailings and send timed listing alerts linked to a visitor’s actions on your website.
  • Reports – you’re given real-time data straight on your dashboard like opened emails to help you in following up with leads.
  • Transaction Intelligence feature – it helps you make informed decisions using forecasting data and insights.

BoldLeads Add-on

BoldLeads – mainly used to create true and tested by landing pages for lead conversation – got acquired by Propertybase. This means using Social Media Ads; you can redirect traffic to BoldLeads powered landing pages for guaranteed lead captures.

IDX Integration

All Propertybase websites are IDX ready; you only have to connect your local MLS, and listings dynamically populate. To simplify things, you can add a listing search tool with various search settings.

Your IDX website is automatically connected to your CRM lead activity tracking and auto-population of their profiles.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Propertybase smart CRM helps you in functions such as:

  • Lead tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Customer management
  • Email marketing
  • Auto-campaign management
  • Client/Property Matching
  • ….and more functions

Everything, even data from linked platforms like Zillow, gets presented on a single dashboard.

Before I forget, you can use the Propertybase CRM mobile app for on-the-go management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There’s not much to say about Propertybase SEO. Website templates are SEO-friendly, you can edit meta titles and descriptions, but that’s all.

Blogging Tools

Adding a blog is simple: just go to Page Designer > Blog Index, and configure your blog page template.

What blogging tools do you get?

  • 4 layouts for choosing a blog structure
  • An image uploader and text formatting editor
  • Support for setting featured posts, categories and adding authors as well as tags

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

Propertybase is backed by Salesforce, which allows the addition of 200+ 3rd party apps like Facebook, Zillow, Revaluate, an automated SMS text app, a dialer, and more.

Customer Support

A major turn-off is that Propertybase support; thats offered via tickets and email; is slow (2 days response). Phone support is available Monday-Friday but during regular working hours. For DIY help, there is a Knowledge Base.

Propertybase Real Estate Website Templates

You get 6 real estate website templates that look clean and are highly customizable. You can change layouts, typography, images, videos, color schemes, add a logo, and more.

Layout Changes

Note that changing the default template layout rearranges your page components accordingly.

Ease of Use

The Propertybase website builder has an excellent user interface. You can click on and drag each component/widget within a section or move it to another section with ease when editing.

You get pre-made listing components for fast building, e.g., Property Summary, description, open houses, and more.

Propertybase builder is not made with absolute beginners in mind; there is a vast array of advanced tools. You need guidance (onboarding) when starting out; that why it’s meant for teams. It takes a while to get used to how the platform works, but it becomes a breeze after that.

Propertybase Pricing (Plans)

Propertybase pricing is nowhere cheap, but it has almost all the real estate features you need:

  • Company – $69 per user/month (4 minimum users)
  • Enterprise – $89 per user/month (10 minimum users)

For inclusive MLS integration, brokerage website, and agent websites, get the Enterprise plan.

#4 Squarespace

Total score


Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



Lots of design flexibility and advanced customizations A wide array of eye-catchy templates Built-in email marketing Relatively affordable vs. other options Easy IDX integration capability Reasonably-priced plans No setup fees A free domain for a year $100 worth of Google Ads credit Brilliant customer support Unlimited bandwidth and storage Booking and Calendar scheduling tools


Lacks a built-in CRM No out of the box IDX integration Basic lead generation methods Few real estate 3rd integrations integrations No lead capture landing pages

Squarespace Real Estate Features

Squarespace is the clear leader if you want stunning real estate website templates, customization freedom using competitively-priced plans.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

Squarespace real estate features are a little generic but still functional enough to get the job done.

Real Estate Listing – you get 5 templates with options and features for creating different property listings.

Lead Capture methods:

  • Contact Forms,
  • A Chatbox to communicate and get leads contact details
  • Landing pages that pair with Social Media Ads
  • Site-wide popups

Lead Generation – you can get Leads interested using an Announcement Bar that displays on top of every to show property offers.

Email Marketing – you’re allowed to respond to signup emails and use their Newsletter Designer to create emails with the right messages and designs.

Bookings and Appointments – you can add a booking block and Acuity Scheduling for property tours.

IDX Integration

Squarespace gives you the ability to enable full IDX integration as long as your subscribed to an IDX provider who gives you a plug-in to add via code.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Squarespace doesn’t have a built-in CRM, but you can integrate 3rd party CRMs. Using band-aid tools like MailChimp and Zapier, you can even manage your Leads on the offsite CRM by transferring them.

Your website and CRM

3rd party CRMs don’t connect seamlessy with your IDX website, making lead tracking, data, and customer management hard.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Squarespace excellent SEO auditing and tweaking tool lets you edit meta tags and meta descriptions.

Furthermore, you can:

  • use Google AMP pages to improve mobile user experience;
  • automatically redirect (301) your old high-ranking domains.

Out of the box, your Squarespace website uses clean HTML code and URLs that get easily indexed. To make everything hands-off approach, the following gets done automatically:

  • Sitemap creation and submission to search engines.
  • Your site uses structured data.
  • Images contain ALT and title tags. You can edit them for new uploads

Blogging Tools

You can promote your real estate website and gain traffic through posts by adding a blog page. To help you hit the ground running, all fundamentals are covered. Examples are:

  • Blog monetization
  • Post scheduling
  • Adding authors, categories, and tags
  • Blog comments and Disqus integration
  • Blog SEO management

Social media integration – you can add buttons for social media sharing, likes, and shares for sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

Squarespace supports adding some helpful real estate integrations like:

  • IDX capability via code
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Flickr
  • Apple News
  • Disqus

Using blocks on their App store.

Customer Support

With the wealth of support channel options for reaching Squarespace staff like:

  • Live chat (Monday- Friday)
  • Email tickets (24/7)
  • Social media via Twitter
  • A Knowledge Base filled with helpful written resources plus video tutorials
  • A peer-to-peer community forum

You should consider it for your real estate website building needs if you want high-quality support.

Squarespace Real Estate Website Templates

Squarespace has some of the best-looking website templates for real estate on our list. They look stunning and cleanly designed and are mobile-optimized.

Despite being over 70 in total, only 5 can be used for real estate website design as they have:

  • Full-page background images perfect for showcasing your best-looking properties.
  • 30 different landing pages supported which help in social media-driven lead capture efforts.

You can modify and customize Squarespace templates with very few restrictions. You have the freedom to change:

  • Content layout,
  • Fonts,
  • Colors,
  • Background images,
  • Add/remove content element styles and beyond.

Pro Tip

You can switch over anytime through your editing process.

Ease of Use

The Squarespace builder is fairly easy to master, you get a straightforward drag and drop editor, and no coding knowledge is required. The Squarespace editor has clean and user-friendly interfaces and you also get a site-wide customization editor to make global edits effortless.

To have a better and painless real estate website design experience, you’re given access to multiple pre-made content elements such as contact forms, photo carousels, and more for quicker building.

Squarespace Pricing (Plans)

You’re given a 14-day trial to test the platform. Afterward, you can pay for any of Squarespace’s 4 premium plans starting with the Personal plan ($12/month).

However, for real estate websites, we recommend the Business plan and the others above it.

Squarespace Pricing (Plans)
Squarespace Pricing (Plans)


Squarespace plans get billed monthly and annually, but the annual option gets you a discount and a free domain name.

Want to know more about Squarespace? Read our in-depth Squarespace review.

#5 InCom

Total score


Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



IDX-ready websites Beautiful real estate website templates Integrated marketing tools Built-in CRM Excellent overall value for single or multiple agents Full real estate functionality packages Top integration and support for offsite marketing solutions Lots of lead magnets and capture tools Plans have good overall value Risk free 30 days money back guarantee


Includes setup fees Most (best) features are premium Limited non-premium templates No App store Poor blog and SEO support Lacks real estate website design flexibility

InCom Real Estate Features

InCom is the perfect real estate website builder for sole agents, partners, and teams looking to build a website using a fully-equipped platform with robust marketing solutions. Both on-site and offsite.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

InCom has tools to take your prospective buyers through the pipeline and help you make successful sales. Those tools include the following:

Lead Magnets

  • Home valuation tools
  • Price alert signups
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Testimonial pages

Lead Capture Tools

  • Real estate specific landing pages.
  • Sign up forms that appear if certain conditions get triggered on your website.

Marketing Features

  • InCom has tools to help you create and manage Facebook and Google Ads.
  • ReCall marketing services (3 levels) for your website visitors. By tagging them, you can use Google Ads to advertise to them when they visit other websites.

What is retargeting?

It’s a marketing strategy that uses “cookies” accepted by a visitor (prospective buyers) when they are on your website to help you serve them relevant Ads on other websites.

Comprehensive Event Calendar – for planning and scheduling your property showcase dates.

IDX Integration

If you use the InCom website builder, the website you create is IDX-ready. You can easily connect to your local MLS to give your visitors access to more listings.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

InCom CRM connects and works seamlessly with all leads you get on your real estate website.

More functions include:

  • Uploading past leads
  • Managing all your current leads from a single tool
  • Having monitoring and reporting tools for email campaigns
  • Setting custom alerts for lead triggered activities on your website
  • Setting up auto-responders for your marketing emails and well as ad campaigns to stay connected with prospects

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The main way that InCom automatically supports SEO implementation is by creating a localized translation of your website. Besides, you can edit meta title, description and add keywords for webpages. There aren’t any other SEO options.

Blogging Tools

From your dashboard, you can go to Content > Blog to add a blog page.

A major downside is that not every InCom real estate website template allows you to add a blog. To add on, InCom blogs aren’t as user-friendly and highly intuitive as builders like Placester and Wix.

Blogging tools you get cover:

  • Sharing and promoting your website via social media easily;
  • Editing Blog SEO;
  • Support for on-site comments.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

InCom doesn’t have a 3rd party integrations App Store.

Customer Support

InCom support staff is easy to reach, unlike other real estate website building platform; this is through:

  • Email tickets 24/7
  • Phone (US business hours)

Alternatively, you can search for solutions on their knowledge base that’s filled with helpful materials and video tutorials.

InCom Real Estate Website Templates

You get 6 real estate website templates with all plans, but you can also purchase 9 other premium eye-catching themes at $4.95 each.

All themes are highly responsive and can get customized with ease. A point to note is that InCom supports minimal modifications and customizations.

You can:

  • edit text;
  • change colors and fonts;
  • add images and logos.

However, layouts are a tough thing to manipulate.

Ease of Use

Because of the limited design and flexibility options you have, InCom is pretty much simplified. You get a drag and drop editor that anyone can use it without prior website building experience.

InCom Pricing (Plans)

Looking at the bigger picture, despite high price points, InCom has good overall value. Our main complaint is you get few free features.

There’s a $250 setup fee, and plans start at $39.95/month when paid annually. The equivalent monthly billing option is $49.95/month

Google AdWords or Facebook Ads Management$100/month

ReCall Marketing with an extra $125 setup fee

  • Silver Package $45/month
  • Gold Package $175/month
  • Platinum Package $300/month


All plans are covered by a risk free 30 days money back guarantee.

#6 BoomTown

Total score


Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



Includes team management features Offers IDX ready websites Has a built-in CRM Impressive lead generation, capture, and nurturing functionality Top support for real estate advertising tools Impressive marketing automation Free mobile app Extensive reporting tools Top-notch customer support Robust 3rd party apps and integrations support


Extremely expensive for small teams Includes set up fees No free trial Lacking Proper SEO Comes with limited website designing tools Steeper learning curve

BoomTown Real Estate Features

BoomTown Homepage
BoomTown Website Builder Homepage

Who should consider a real estate website builder like BoomTown?

Large agencies or growing brokerages with almost bottomless budgets looking for an all in one solution to help them:

  • Create a robust IDX integrated website and access team management features.
  • Get instant Leads using Google and Facebook Ads, use a robust CRM to nurture them, and use automated marketing tools.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

Lead Generation

  • Google PPC and Facebook Ads management to get you instant leads.
  • Importing leads – you can add Zillow and Realtor.com leads plus even Leads from other teams (or agents).

Lead Magnets – on your real estate site, you can add helpful tools like

  • Price history
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Property maps
  • Home valuation tools
  • School ratings, and more

Lead Capture tools:

  • Signup forms,
  • Site popups,
  • Questions – to get a prospect’s details such as location, buying timeline, and more.

Lead Insights & Reports – you get comprehensive reports from your website(s), e.g., traffic & sources, to use for in multichannel marketing efforts

Marketing Automation – you can easily reach out to leads via:

  • Bulk text messages,
  • Automated email marketing campaigns.

Team Management Features which include:

  • Lead and task assignment (distribution),
  • Team tracking,
  • Agent accountability reporting,
  • Pipeline management for each agent.

Mobile App – BoomTown has a compatible app for:

  • Communicating with prospective buyers,
  • Scheduling reminders,
  • Tracking tasks,
  • Generating lead engagement insights and more.

IDX Integration

All BoomTown websites are IDX ready and connected; they get listing data updates every hour. You can add the searching filters we mentioned like property maps, price history, and more.

Even better, visitors can save their search criteria and sign up for notifications for similar properties.

Another feature we liked – You can create subdomains for your agents to help them get leads using their website pages effectively.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

All the Leads acquired by your agents get added to the highly functional BoomTown CRM automatically. Boomtown’s CRM has a user-friendly interface for each agent or team leader

With the CRM, you can:

  • Automate lead distribution among your agents via Round Robin system;
  • Track lead activity;
  • Automate your marketing using emails and texts;
  • Match leads to property listings;
  • Set up training modules for new agents;
  • Generate predictive lead insights using their details and more.

Another thing to note, the CRM records all mobile conversations help your agents follow up from the CRM dashboard later.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You don’t get SEO tweaking room or permissions, but BoomTown claims their websites are SEO-friendly.

Blogging Tools

Integrating a blog is supported, but let me not sugarcoat it. The blog experience is pretty basic, only features available are:

  • Text formatting – type, edit, format options;
  • Support for adding photos to posts and previewing posts.

The desktop version of your blog has integrated IDX search functionality. It gives your readers options to search for properties directly from your blog page.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

BoomTown supports connecting lots of useful niche-related apps and services such as:

  • BombBomb
  • Mojo Dialer
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Brokermint     
  • Google Apps like Sheets, Calendar
  • dotLoop

Customer Support

Upon signing up, they help you with software setups. Besides, you get a Client Concierge call and an initial onboarding training.

Direct support channels include:

  • Live chat
  • Phone

On top of that, you can use their Resource Library and filter for material using categories and topics.

BoomTown Real Estate Website Templates

BoomTown has only 3 real estate website templates. All look clean and crisp with pretty uniform designs and bold layouts. They support large photos you can use to showcasing listings.

You can tailor the designs to match your branding guidelines easily. However, note that few edits and customizations are allowed since the templates create multiple agents’ websites.

Extra Templates

BoomTown offers a custom templates service for a fee if you’re not happy with the available options.

Ease of Use

The whole of the BoomTown software package is not as easy to use as other real estate website builders on our list. It can be overwhelming, especially for beginners, since you get lots of features and settings for multiple agents.

Things we liked:

  • Interfaces are user-friendly.
  • You get setup help and training. But note these services get offered at a fee.

BoomTown Pricing (Plans)


With BoomTown, you’re not just paying for a real estate website builder, but the whole software package.

Since BoomTown pricing is extraordinarily high and keeps changing, you won’t easily find each plan’s exact figures. You have to request for prices.


There’s a setup fee for each plan is equal to its price/month.

Here’s the information we found on prices:

  • Launch (3 users) – $750/month
  • Core (5 users) – $1,150/month
  • Grow (10 users) – $1,450/month
  • Advance (11+ users) – $1,750/month

Success Assurance lead qualification feature $900 to $2,050/month

#7 RealGeeks

Total score


Real Estate Website Builder
Total score



Built-in advertising solutions Managed marketing options Mobile-optimized templates Free user-facing mobile app Properties buyers and sellers lead features Creates IDX integrated sites with strong search tools Effective property landing pages Easy and beginner-friendly editing Offers good value for sole agents and small teams


No a free trial/plan Limited real estate website design editing Slow customer service Only 1 template with two variations High setup fees

RealGeeks Real Estate Features

RealGeeks Real Estate Website Building Solution Homepage
RealGeeks Real Estate Website Building Solution Homepage

We found RealGeeks fitting for individual agents and small brokerage teams with a decent online advertising budget looking for multi-purpose software (including areal estate website builder) with both properties buyers and sellers leads features.

Property Selling and Marketing Features

Lead generation – you use Facebook and Google Ads to drive traffic to your website’s landing page.

Lead Magnets

  • Pages Market Reports Pages that require a visitor to sign up for.
  • Home Valuation Tools ($50/month).

Lead Capture

  • Custom Lead Capture Forms,
  • Signs Up forms,
  • Custom landing pages on your website.

Extensive Marketing Options

  • Facebook Marketing Tool – for simplifying Facebook Ad creation and performance tracking ($50/month);
  • Facebook Marketing Servicemanaged Facebook marketing ($550/month) to drive traffic to your website;
  • SMS support – for setting Auto Responders to your leads;
  • Automated Email Drip System -you can launch drip email campaigns with specific targeting depending on location and other metrics.

Mobile App – you can recommend it to home buyers/sellers. As an agent, you can access the CRM from it and track lead activity since it integrates with your local MLS.

IDX Integration

Any RealGeeks website you create has fully integrated IDX functionality with interactive map search and saved search features. Your website gets updates every 15 minutes to offer the most up-to-date property data.

You can also create custom landing pages for:

  • Your home evaluation tool;
  • Each Property listing;
  • Coming soon listings;
  • Each agent to enable them to get leads and bring more traffic separately.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

RealGeeks offers a user-friendly CRMa complimentary for their real estate website builder.

The CRM’s functionality is broad and includes:

  • Generating automatic real-time reporting/analytics
  • Marketing Automation with SM and email templates
  • SMS and email auto-responders
  • Notifications support for automated email updates for lead tracking
  • Advanced Search Filtering for Leads, e.g., using location, price range
  • Creating custom landing pages
  • Agent tracking
  • Follow-ups and Reminders features
  • Leads management
  • Tracking leads real-time activity via a live feed
  • Agent/Lender Lead Routing
  • Social Profiles feature to auto-find leads
  • Idle Lead Reassignment from non-active agents

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

RealGeeks claim all their websites are SEO-friendly out of the box; it’s true as most of them rank highly for most localized property searches. However, there is no mention of the ability to tweak your onsite SEO settings.

Blogging Tools

You can include a fully-featured blog with the RealGeeks real estate website builder, but there’s no information provided on the blogging tools you get.

3rd Party Apps and Integrations

The RealGeeks platform is heavy on integrations, their builder allows you to connect tools like CRMs, real estate listings platforms, and more.

Examples include:

  • Trulia
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Infusionsoft
  • BombBomb
  • Mailchimp
  • Gmail
  • Wise Agent

Customer Support

RealGeeks support channel’s include:

  • Support tickets
  • Email

In addition, you get a blog filled with valuable materials, and they also host video tutorials. As a note, reviews online point to slow responses by RealGeeks staff.

RealGeeks Real Estate Website Templates

RealGeeks gives you an option to use a single template with two different layouts. It has excellent mobile optimization, but it lacks a modern attractive design in terms of visual appeal.

The RealGeeks custom design editor allows you to change:

  • Design layouts
  • Colors
  • Menu styles

Moreover, you can also add custom landing pages.

Advanced Design Changes

By linking you to their Design and Development partners, you can have CSS customizations and other changes implemented on your behalf to achieve your desired website look.

Ease of Use

The RealGeeks editor features easy to use and quick to follow drag-and-drop style real estate website design process. Factoring in its well-organized and simplified interface (though it looks outdated), you can build a real estate website without any fuss.

Their pre-made embeddable widgets like contact forms, home valuation, and search widgets simplify the process further.

RealGeeks Pricing (Plans)

RealGeeks plans aren’t cheap. But you get a proper return on investment if you use them effectively.

It costs $249/month for 2 agents to access and use all RealGeeks free tools. An extra agent has to pay $25/user/month. But don’t forget there is a setup fee of $250, and you don’t get a free trial.


You can contact RealGeeks for a discount on the setup fee.


If you’re a real estate agent who has been looking to have a website, the above real estate website builders are the best in the industry.

For some of them, e.g., Propertybase, InCom, BoomTown, and RealGeeks, you’re paying for a whole software suite that covers almost all real estate features you might require. Others like Wix and Squarespace are there to simplify things for agents just starting. Whichever option you go with, make sure the builder fits your budget and meets your requirements.


BoomTown has the best team management features.

Placester strikes as the perfect balance between price, real estate website functionality and ease of use. It’s our top recommendation.

Wix makes everything super easy though you miss out on most real estate features. Squarespace closely follows, but the script is the same. For advanced builders with most of the features you need, Placester and InCom are the easiest to use.

BoomTown and RealGeeks have the richest packages in terms of features.

Wix (even has a free plan) followed by Squarespace, then Placester. Wix and Squarespace have incredibly affordable plans.

You get an IDX-enabled website, a built-in CRM, lots of lead magnet, lead capture, and lead generation tools.


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